Turning - Inside Hook


Coaching Points

  • Used to shift the focus of play and change direction.
  • Start to dribble the ball in a straight line.
  • After three or four touches begin to slow down.
  • Place the non kicking foot somewhat to the left hand side of the ball.
  • We then pivot round to the left focusing on a change of direction taking the ball back in the direction that we came from using the inside of our foot.

Progression Ideas

  • Practice the inside hook using both feet.
  • Place two cones 10 yards apart, dribble in a line and make an inside hook just before you reach the cone focusing on the change of direction to get away from the cone.
  • Introduce a defender instead of a cone at either end making the drill opposed (the defender does not necessarily have to make a tackle).
  • Practice touching the ball away into space with the outside of the other foot after the inside hook is performed.

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