Turning - Outside Hook


Coaching Points

  • Use the outside of the foot, between the middle of your foot and just before your big toe and little toe when dribbling
  • Keep foot flat and off the floor, enough to touch the middle of the ball
  • Perform lots of quick touches try to complete a touch each time you take a step
  • Use the outside of the foot to push the ball the opposite way from the direction you are dribbling
  • Touches should be light yet controlled and away from pressure
  • Stay on toes and head up, yet keeping the ball at the bottom of your peripheral vision
  • Drop your shoulder and shift your weight on to your back foot as you perform the turn

Progression Ideas

  • Increase the speed of the dribble, this will come with practice
  • Perform the dribble component with both the inside and outside of the foot
  • Perform the turn with your weaker foot as well
  • Finish with a controlled pass or shot
  • Work against a friend and or set a time to complete the drill

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