Feints & Disguises - Double Touch


Coaching Points

  • Dribbling with the right foot approach the cone.
  • Take a slower approach than normal going into the skill.
  • Just before the cone take a light touch across the body with your right foot making it look like you are going to move to the right.
  • Now the ball is slightly shifted onto the left foot, take a big touch with the inside of the left foot to the right hand side.
  • This touch should take you away from the cone (on the right hand side) with pace giving you space to sprint into.

Progression Ideas

  • Alternate feet so that the initial touch is with the left foot across the body, then move to the left hand side of the cone with a bigger touch using the right foot.
  • Introducing a defender to make the drill opposed. Try to beat the defender using a double touch.
  • This should be practiced with both feet.

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